2015 Lizard Indianerladen, Canada
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Meaning of LIZARD: The lizard symbolizes the world of dreams, beyond time and space. She dreamed of the future. The lizard teaches you how to help dreams of future realities can create. Since in the future may look she always knows beforehand what happens. This also includes the self-fulfilling Prophecies with. A situation is imagined and it is the decision of the dreamer, he continue to provide it with energy and bring it into reality like it or not. The lizard calls to do this on your dreams exactly view and your shadow just to look at. Are you their future, their hopes or fears appeared? The lesson is that for all events in your own life are responsible, aware or unconsciously, as these from your desires and fears emerge.
Direkt aus Canada!
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Lizard Indianerladen

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Lizard Indianerladen
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